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Stars Square Pattern

Hello Guys. Here will be write a program, the program is how to print the start square pattern and provide the code.

So let's get started code…

    int main(){
    int n,i, j;
    printf("Enter the pattern Size : ");
    scanf("%d", &n);
    for(i=1; i<=n; i++){
    for(j=1; j<=n; j++){
    return 0;

Step 1: Initialized some variable n, i, j.

  • the variable of n stored the value of the size of pattern.
  • the variable of i used to iterate the loop.
  • the variable of j is used to iterate the second loop.

Here we used to solve this program, used the nested for loop.

Step 2: Print the message for user for take the input by user.

Step 3: Take the input with from user with the help of scanf library function.

Step 4: Start the for loop from 1 to given number by user ‘n’. While this loop condition is true the go through the nested for loop.

Step 5: After print the full line of start then print the new line by “\n”.

Step 6: Exit.

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